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Research and Project Overview

Nonlinear Optics Laboratory


Photorefractive optics

Activities: Development of light-induced dynamic optical switching and steering devices. Real-time laser beam wavefront and spectral manipulation. Development and investigations of new IR and UV light-sensitive materials.

integrated optics

Integrated Optics and Microresonators

Activities: Development of compact solid-state waveguide lasers. Research, development and structuring of thin ferroelectric films for electro-optically active VLSI photonic devices.

organic microresonators

Organic Microresonators and Integrated Optics

Activities: Development and investigations of organic nonlinear optical crystals, single crystalline thin films and polymers. Organic electro-optic microresonators for modulation and filtering applications in photonic integrated circuits.


Photonic Materials Technologies

Activities: Study of charge transport and optical properties in ordered and amorphous organic semiconductors Growth of self-assembled films for nonlinear optics applications.


Terahertz Science and Technology

Activities: Development of pulsed THz devices based on nonlinear optical crystals for imaging and pump-probe experiments with a sub-picosecond time-resolution.

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